Central’s Very Own R.A.K. Club

Random Acts of KindnessCould you and your fellow students benefit from a little more kindness? Chances are the rest of your school could, too! Plan to stay for Central’s very first R.A.K. Club meeting and let’s work together to make our school and community a little kinder.

RAK CLUB               Kindness T-shirt order form

American Red Cross, “The Pillowcase Project”

Screen-shot-2013-07-02-at-6_36_23-PMThe regional American Red Cross in conjunction with Disney is sponsoring a school program entitled “The Pillowcase Project.” Lake Forest Central Elementary is fortunate to have this program in our school during classroom guidance time periods. Through “The Pillowcase Project,” children learn how to prepare for emergencies that affect our geographic area, practice what they have learned and hopefully share their knowledge and material with their families and friends.


Congratulations to November Students of the Month!


 Mrs. Weller:  Melissa Perez-Chilel  Mrs. Wyatt:  Alana Aguilar
 Mrs. Smith:  Elliott Miller Mrs. Yeager: Megan Clough
 Mrs. Tucker:  Madison Long Mrs. Taborda:  Charlie Troutman
 Mrs. Johnson:  Juliany Cruz Cordova   Mrs. Hom:  Shae’Len Riddick
 Mrs. Young:  Aniah Drummond  Mr. Collins:  Devi Patel
 Mrs. Isenhart:  Lillian Gonet   Mrs. Hobbs:  Quinn Subers
Mr. Kulak:  Layla Walls   Ms. Clark:  Billy Harvey
 Ms. Gibbs:  Nicayla Furlow   Ms. Appel:  Darion Snead
Mrs. Randle:  Isabella Rosado  Mrs. Tyndall:  Bruce Lomax
Ms. Bieski:  Javier Renteria  Mrs. Yanoshak:  Abeni Faison  
Mrs. Emery:  Haley Tomlin  Mrs. Rennie:  Rebecca Lamb
 Mrs. Fleegal:  Michelle Golding  Mrs. Haupt:  Sonia DeRiggi
Mr. Carroll:  Morgan Sargent  Mrs. Swaney:  Brandon Jones
Mrs. Hall:  John O’Sullivan 


Holiday Shop Help Needed!

eldParent Volunteers are needed for our Holiday Shop from 9:00-2:00 on Dec. 19th – Dec. 22nd.  If you can spare a few hours or minutes, please contact the main office at 284-5810. Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2Free-candy-cane-clipart-public-domain-christmas-clip-art-images-2-2

Make a Difference, Become a Mentor!

global-learners-mentor-and-mentee-training-LPa9Kv-clipartHave you always wanted to make a difference in young person’s life but not sure how?  You have an opportunity now by becoming a mentor.  Simply click on the link below and choose “become a mentor” at the top of the page to complete the mentoring application.  


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