Support Odyssey of the Mind Teams

OM clipartLake Forest had many successful teams compete at the State Odyssey of the Mind competitions a few weeks ago.

Four of those teams have made it to World Finals at Michigan State University!  If you would like to help raise money to send these students compete, please join us for one (or all!) of the following fundraisers and definitely pass it on to anyone who may help.

Spirit Week (April 27-May1) – Pay $1 each day or 5 diamond dollars each day

Monday-Camouflage Day

Tuesday-Sports Jersey Day

Wednesday-Hat Day

Thursday-Sweatpants Day (no tights or pajama pants)

Friday-Beach Day (t-shirts, gym or Bermuda shorts of appropriate length; Crocs, flip flops, or sandals are permitted)

Restaurant Fundraisers

-Monday, 4-27 Frederica Pizza House Fundraiser for ALL DAY.  We’ll receive 15% of all Dine In or Take Out orders. 2015 Frederica Pizza OM Fundraiser Coupon

-Thursday, 4-30   Jake’s Burgers in Dover 5-8pm No Coupon Needed

-Monday, 5-4    Rudy’s Diner All Day

-Thursday, 5-7  Texas Roadhouse All Day

-Sunday, 5-17  Applebee’s Breakfast 8-10am  Tickets $8/each can be purchased from a World Finalist Family

Gourmet Cupcake Fundraiser

Cupcakes can be ordered using the following form.  Information about ordering and delivery can be found here.  One dozen gourmet cupcakes costs $24 and can be mixed and matched.

2015 OM Cupcake order form

Thirty-One Fundraiser

If you are interested in ordering any Thirty-One items, you may contact Pam Hobbs at Central Elementary to place your order.  All orders are due with cash by May 15th.

2015 Thirty One OM Order Form 2015 Thirty One OM Order Form 2

Bake Sale and Harrington Parks and Rec Soccer Fields

We are also hosting a Bake Sale at the Soccer fields in Harrington this Saturday, April 24th.  Please stop by to support us.  We hope to extend the Bake Sale to Wal-Mart in Milford too so if you’re one of our volunteer bakers, we might need more goodies to sell.

Craft Show and Lake Forest Central Elementary

We are currently coordinating a Craft Show to be held at LFCE on Friday night, May 8th.  If you have any contacts or wish to help, please contact Brenda DeLong at

FundRazr Site

One very easy way to donate is to visit our online FundRazr site at:  Please feel free to share it by email or facebook far and wide.


2015 Spring FFA Plant Sale

2015 Spring FFA Plant Sale pic 2 2015 Spring FFA Plant Sale pic 3







The Plant Sale begins on Monday, April 20 from 3:25-4:30 p.m. and will continue every school day until the greenhouse is sold out.  For custom sale hours or more information contact: Mr. Breeding at 398-8197 ext. 349 or

Hours are subject to change.  Plants are sold on a first come, first served basis.  Plant sale takes place at the large Greenhouse behind the gym.

  • All 6” pots of various bedding plants $3.00 each or 1 dozen for $30.00
  • All 10” hanging baskets $8.00 each
  • All 12.5” planters $15.00 each
  • All 4” vegetable plants $2.00 each or 4 pots for $6.00

 Annual Plant Varieties

Spreading Easy Wave Petunias – Sanguna Lipstick, Blue Vein, Burgundy, and Blue

Congratulations and Good Luck Keirsten Liberti!

bowling clipartThis past Sunday, Keirsten Liberti won a state bowling tournament that will allow her to represent Delaware at the National Championship Tournament called the Jr. Gold’s.  She will travel to Chicago this July where she will compete against the best in the country.

We would like to congratulate her and wish her all the best!

Chipman Scheduling Nights

class schedule clipart

It’s that time of the year!  7th grade students  have been busy scheduling their classes for next year.  If you missed this opportunity, please call one of the counselors to set up your students class schedule for next year.  The next night of scheduling is for 5th graders coming to 6th grade.  This will take place on April 15th and 16th from 4-7:30pm.  The final round of class scheduling is for 6th graders going into 7th grade.  The dates for this group is May 6th and 7th from 4-7:30pm.  Below is a link to the course catalog to help students and parents choose classes and see the what the requirements are for each class.  If you have any questions or need to speak with a counselor, they can be reached during the school day or by email at the following:

  • Anita Bulischeck (students with last names A-L) 398-8197 ext. 204
  • Lisa Clendaniel (students with last names M-Z) 398-8197 ext. 240

2015 Course catolog

W. T. Chipman Sports Closet

sports-iconThe WT Chipman Sports Closet, for all children of Lake Forest, officially opens March 2nd.  Any child from within Lake Forest that would like to try a Spring Sport and needs equipment  or wants to try a sport before making a commitment to the sport may sign out the equipment and use it for the entire season FREE of charge from WT Chipman.  The Sports Closet  is open for families, students, and staff any time WT Chipman is open.  The National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, PTO and Athletic Department are co-sponsors of the closet.  Checking out a piece of equipment is as simple as signing the checkout form from the closet and taking the equipment with you for use.  There are baseball and softball bats, helmets, baseballs, baseball gloves, softball gloves, softballs, shoes/cleats of all sizes, catching equipment, tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, soccer balls, football pads, and much more.  Please stop by WT Chipman at any time to browse the Sports Closet or check out a piece of equipment for the upcoming Spring Sports season and the upcoming Little League season.


A special Thank You goes out to Paige Bundschuh who originally brought the idea to WT Chipman in the fall.


We look forward to helping a child that wants the opportunity to try a sport that may not have otherwise had the opportunity.

Home Access Help

report card clipartBy clicking on Home Access and putting in your username and password, you are able to see your student’s grades.  The new Home Access site has raised some questions about how to see your student’s average for the class, not just the individual assignment scores.  In order to see their average for a class, you must click on log in to Home Access first.  When the schedule opens, click on Classes.  You must then select Full View in order to see the average for the class, not just the individual assignments.

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