2015-2016 Supply List

school supplies clipartIf you would like to get a head start on your school supply shopping, here is the list your student will need for the upcoming school year.  Teachers may give some suggestions when the school year starts of things that may also help make your student’s school year more successful.

o   Three 1 ½ inch binders
o   Three Composition books
o   Pencils
o   Loose-Leaf paper
o   Dividers

OPTIONAL – Jump Drive

Chipman Then and Now

WT Chipman in 2009 and WT Chipman in 2015 – Always improving for your child’s educational experience.  We will see you in August.  There are more improvements yet to come!

Chipman Then pic 2015 Chipman Now pic 2015

Fall Sports Physical Turn In and Information Night

sports-iconChipman will provide two opportunities over the summer for you to turn in your sports physical and pick up sport specific information for this coming fall sports season. On Wednesday, August 19th or Thursday, August 20th, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., parents and athletes should report to the Chipman cafeteria to turn in their athletes completed sports physical. There will be tables set up in the cafeteria for each fall sport where you will sign up for your sport and pick up detailed information for this coming season.  We will not be having sports sign-ups during the school day once the school year begins. The 19th or the 20th, is your opportunity to sign up for a fall sport.  You must have a completed sports physical on file with School Nurse Nikki Glanden (398-8197 ext. 219) in order to try out, practice, or participate during the upcoming fall sport season.  Your sports physical must be dated on or after April 1, 2015, and must be completed on the DIAA Sports Physical Form. The mandatory DIAA Sports Physical Form can be found at the bottom left hand corner of www.chipmanmiddlesports.com.

2015-2016 Dress Code

dress code clipartIn order to make your school clothes shopping easy for next year, we have attached the District Student Dress Code Regulation and would like to highlight one of the key changes for next year.  In the past, shirts that were white, gray, and all shades of blue have been accepted.  For the 2015-2016 school year, however, solid white and gray shirts may continue to be worn, but only two shades of blue will be acceptable: light blue (Carolina/Columbia) or navy blue.  If you are unsure if your shirt is the correct shade of blue, you may visit the Chipman lobby during the summer hours to see the bulletin board with examples of the acceptable colors or consult the picture of the bulletin board below.

shades of blue clipart dress code bulletin board

JICA Student Dress Code Regulation

Home Access Help

report card clipartBy clicking on Home Access and putting in your username and password, you are able to see your student’s grades.  The new Home Access site has raised some questions about how to see your student’s average for the class, not just the individual assignment scores.  In order to see their average for a class, you must click on log in to Home Access first.  When the schedule opens, click on Classes.  You must then select Full View in order to see the average for the class, not just the individual assignments.

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