Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee

This committe is comprised of citizens who live in the Lake Forest School District and volunteer their time and expertise to this committee.  The purpose of this committee is to advise the school Board on the oversight of the budget and the fianancial position of the district.   The local school Board retains all policy and decision-making.  There is no compensation and committee members must commit to a minimum of two hours of financial training provided by the Department of Education and a two year term.

The Lake Forest School Board thanks these citizens for their time and committement to the Lake Forest School District.

If you would like to become a member, click HERE to view the Notice and click HERE to view the Application.  Once completed please submit it to Mr. Ade Kuforiji, Chief Financial Officer either via email at or mail to:

Lake Forest School District
Attention:  Ade Kuforiji
5423 Killens Pond Road
Felton, DE 19943  
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