Philip Brown

Philip Brown

Honors English II/III, General English II, SAT Prep, and ILC English

Mr. Brown has been a Delaware resident for his entire life. He completed his high school career as a graduate of Milford High School, and he later went on to graduate from Delaware State University with a degree in English Education. Mr. Brown has employed at Lake Forest High School since the beginning of the 2011 school year.

Outside of school, Mr. Brown loves to stay active. He is an avid runner and cites basketball and football as his two favorite sports. When it comes to watching sports, his one true love is the Dallas Cowboys. He has attended many games over the years and frequently collects memorabilia for his own personal collection. Mr. Brown’s love for the game of basketball has branched out, as starting this year, he will serve as an assistant coach for the girls’ basketball team.

Mr. Brown currently resides in Camden. He is unmarried and does not have children, but fills that void by spending time with his niece and four nephews.

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