The Great Kindness Challenge

SAVE THE DATE January 28th – February 1st!

The Great Kindness Challenge is a proactive and positive bullying prevention initiative that improves school climate and increases student engagement. The Great Kindness Challenge is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible on campus. Using the provided checklist of 50 kind acts, students accept the challenge and show the world that KINDNESS MATTERS!


Congratulations to our December Classes and Students of the Month!

Band Student of the Month:

Micaela Mobley (4th) & Kamryn Lopez (5th)

Class of the Month:


Library: Mrs. Taborda’s homeroom (4th) & Mrs. Moore’s homeroom (5th)

Music: Mrs. Rennie’s homeroom (4th) & Ms. Washington’s homeroom (5th)

Physical Education: Mrs. Hom’s homeroom(4th)& Mrs. Randle’s homeroom(5th)

Technology: Mrs. Rennie and Mrs. Cox’s homerooms (4th) & Mrs. Smith, Ms. Caldwell, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Hall’s homerooms (5th)


Welcome Back!

Be sure to check local alerts listed to the right for school delays and closings throughout this winter season.

Special Note from our Special Olympics Coaches

Special Olympics coaches and students would like to send you a BIG thank you for all of the support this season!

Just one quote from one athlete in Mrs. Calhoun’s class will hopefully melt your heart as it did ours, when we returned and settled in the classroom after the walk through he sits down and he says…

“I feel like Michael Jordan!!!!!!”   

Our Special Olympians at Central will always have these memories and feel cherished by theirs peers!



Congratulations to our November Classes and Students of the Month!

Band Student of the Month: Alexa Truitt (4th), Tamara Briggs, Chanel Bradley,
Yahya Ahmad-Statts, & Lane Goode (5th)

Class of the Month:

Art: Mrs. Taborda’s homeroom (4th) & Ms. Hastings’ homeroom (5th)

Library: Mrs. Hobbs’ homeroom (4th) & Mrs. Swaney’s homeroom (5th)

Music: Mr. Collins’ homeroom (4th) & Mrs. Calhoun & Mrs. Swaney’s homeroom (5th)

Physical Education: Mrs. Hom’s homeroom (4th) & Mrs. Hall’s homeroom (5th)

Technology: Mrs. Taborda and Mrs. Hobbs’ homerooms (4th) & Mrs. Emery, Mrs. Calhoun, & Mrs. Swaney’s homerooms (5th)


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