Lake Forest OM Teams Return from World Finals

Here’s your World Finals Wrap Up.  It was a great week/weekend to be a Spartan.  33 kids, 6 coaches, and our fan club of about 30 strong are back safe and sound from Michigan State University.  Below are the highlights of the competition and experience.

Chipman’s vehicle teams competed in a field of 64 teams from 23 states and international teams from Poland, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar, Mexico, China, Switzerland, Singapore and Germany. Sam Hudran’s Team placed 25th and Rachel Argo’s 7th graders almost cracked the Top Ten with an 11th place finish!!!!!!

Our High School Vehicle Team of Mike Bishop’s had 44 other competitors from Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and 17 US states and placed 24th. 

Our youngest competitors were Renee Cimo and Gloria Acevedo’s East and Central Elementary students. Their structure held 335 pounds, less than they’d planned (the humidity of travel may have been a factor), but placed 27th in a field of 52 competitors, 9 of which were from different countries. 

Our high school Seniors +1 belonging to Jake Martinez in the Classics problem faced 54 other teams from across the country and around the world and finished 25th.

Other thoughts:  I was a little nervous about the age diversity of this crew since we ranged from 1st – 12th grade.  But I was more than pleased when many of our high schoolers took those elementary students under their wing playing volleyball with them, supporting them in competition, and including them in “shenanigans” on the bus and in the dorm.  ❤
One of the coolest things that happened this year was on Thursday when all 5 teams competed in the Spontaneous portion throughout the same day.  That meant that a lot of us hung around outside that building for about 4-5 hours that day cheering the kids as they went in and dousing them with silly string as they left.  The Lake Forest spirit did not go unnoticed and we were pulled aside by the long time judging staff there and thanked for “doing it right” and given some limited edition trading pins for our cohesiveness.
Thanks to all the staff who supported these kids the whole way through the process and during our fund raising season.  Through community, PTO, private and corporate sponsors we raised about $9,000 and the hard work of our fundraising efforts brought in close to $14,000.  I look forward to sending out a complete report in the near future so our Spartan Family can be sure to support our sponsors.  Thanks!!!  Mrs. Hobbs
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