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Smarter Balanced Info

Assessment season is upon us! Your child will be participating in Delaware’s accountability assessment, the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), in both ELA and Math. In addition, 8th grade students will complete the new DeSSA Science Field Test and 7th graders will complete the DeSSA Social Studies Field Test. We will begin testing on Thursday, March 8 with 8th grade ELA. The SBA includes an audio component, and so earbuds are required. We recommend your child brings his/her own earbuds to school; however, we will also have some for student use. Please keep in mind that the newer iPhone earbuds (with the lightening adapter) will not work with our computers, and neither will Bluetooth earbuds/headphones.  Only standard/traditional headphones are compatible with District computers.

Below is a table that explains when WTC students will be testing. Please review this table, and ensure that your child is prepared for his/her testing by getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy
breakfast prior to testing. As always, our cafeteria is open for free breakfast at 7:50AM every morning.

Thank you for your continued support!

6th Mar 19-21 Apr 11-13 Apr 24-27 NA
7th Mar 13-15 Apr 16-18 May 3-7 May ongoing
8th Mar 8-12 Apr 19-23 Apr 30-May 2 May ongoing
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