Danielle Smith

(Left to Right: Ms. Tatman, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Sherman, Mrs. Bailey)

Danielle Smith graduated from Wilmington University with honors. She is certified in Secondary Social Studies, Secondary English Language Arts, and Special Education. As the daughter of a Delaware educator and advocate of instructional technology, Mrs. Smith understands the motivational power of technology and recognizes technology’s ability to differentiate and individualize instruction for her students.  In addition to teaching at Lake, Mrs. Smith is a teacher leader for LFHS, and member of the Curriculum, RTI, and 1:1 Committee. She coached softball and is the coach/advisor for the first Lake Forest Girls Lacrosse Club, with the hopes of having a team in the upcoming school year. She is also the senior class advisor and union representative. Mrs. Smith lives in Magnolia with her husband and four children, Tanner, Parker, Jacob, and her oldest and only daughter Taylor who is a freshman at University of Delaware. GO BLUE HENS!

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