Jordan Sigai

Jordan Sigai (center)

Algebra & Geometry I and SAT Prep.

Miss Sigai was born in Salisbury, Maryland, but has resided in Seaford, Delaware since she was four years old with her mother and many siblings. Miss Sigai still resides lives in Seaford with her fiancé and loving dog. Miss Sigai graduated from Seaford Senior High School in 2013, Delaware Technical Community College in 2015, and Wilmington University in 2018 earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Level Mathematics Education. Miss Sigai is interested in going back to school to earn her master’s degree. Miss Sigai enjoys life with her fiancé by traveling, camping, and attending many family events. Her advice to students would be to “Figure out what you really enjoy doing, not what you think you should be doing. Do not let fear of failure hold you back.” Everyone will make mistakes throughout school and throughout life, we have learn from this mistakes and move forward. It is what makes life exciting. She cannot wait to get started teaching!