Benjamin Black


Benjamin Black

Spanish 1, Spanish 3, AP Spanish

Mr. Black grew up in the northeastern US as the son of a US Navy submariner, and he moved to Delaware with his family in 2000. He graduated from Caesar Rodney High School in 2003 and subsequently enrolled into the University of Delaware, graduating in 2007 with a degree in Spanish Education after having spent the fall semester of 2005 in Granada, Spain. Mr. Black has been at Lake Forest High School since August 2007, and he plans on remaining as long as possible.

Mr. Black is interested in Spain and Western Europe, and while he does believe that students are successful if they are taught to be communicative and proficient with Spanish, he enjoys studying the minutiae of the Spanish language. He spends his off-time playing around with technology (he is a self-admitted “Apple fanboy”, though he does enjoy Windows 10), playing the occasional video game (Nintendo and Xbox, in particular), and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and on the grill. He also enjoys much of “nerd culture”, e.g. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, and will almost certainly be seeing the newest Star Wars/Marvel/Disney/etc. movie as soon as possible.

The biggest advice Mr. Black would share with both the students and the parents would be to try. It is extraordinarily difficult to learn a new language if one does not engage with it, whether by going somewhere to practice it, listening to it whenever possible, or just writing down a few sentences when asked to do so in class; language is a living thing that requires at least the smallest amount of active participation. A student who does not actively engage with Spanish will not be able to learn it effectively.