Welcome to Early Choices

Children Having Options In a Continuum of Educational Services.

Early CHOICES is a unique program and provides special education and related services for three-year-old children with developmental delays and three and four-year-old children with speech delays.

The Delaware Early Childhood Center operates EARLY CHOICES on behalf of the Lake Forest school district.   Our program’s philosophy is Inclusion. With the strong collaboration between state agencies, communities’ resources and families, the Early CHOICES program can provide early childhood special education and related services (referral screening, multi-disciplinary assessment, early childhood special education, and related services such as speech therapy and behavior management) within their communities, such as their home or childcare.

Services are available at no cost to parents, in accordance with federal requirements to provide a free, appropriate public education to all children with disabilities ages three to twenty-one.

Under the supervision of Coordinator Tiffany Brubaker, our teachers, therapists, and other staff members are here to provide your child with the appropriate service(s) or to just answer questions you may have concerning developmental and or speech delays your child may be experiencing.  

If you feel your child may be eligible for any of the services Early CHOICES provides, feel free to contact our office at (302) 398-8945.