Business Professionals Association (BPA)

BPA stands for Business Professionals of America and is the student organization for students enrolled in a business class. LFHS offers three different business pathways, including Accounting, Administrative Services, and Business and Corporate Management, along with an introductory course called Business, Finance, and Marketing Essentials. Students taking any of these classes can be a member of BPA.


Kallie Moyer – President

Emma Guzior – Vice-President

Kaylee Collison – Secretary

Patrick Wills – Treasurer

Katelyn Coleman – Historian

Mr. Yanoshak – Advisor

BPA is focused on four specific areas each school year:

  1. Community Service

    1. BPA participates in different community service activities each year, which are chosen by that year’s officers. In the past, we have helped at the Food Bank, SPCA, collected canned goods, visited senior centers in the area, decorated store fronts in Dover, organized a book and toy drive, and helped out at our elementary schools.

    2. This year, we plan to help at the Food Bank in December. We also collected over 100 cans for the Food Bank, and will be collecting more in the spring.

    3. Six years ago, BPA adopted Killens Pond Road in front of the high school. Since that time, we have organized multiple road clean-ups during the school year, where members clean trash off the side of the road. Last year, Miss Delaware came and cleaned the road with us in October!

  2. School Activities

    1. BPA is an active participant in Homecoming, Haunted Hallways, I Love Lake Forest Day, and an event called “BPA Gives Back,” where students stay after school to help teachers in their classrooms. We also have a BPA Homecoming King and Queen each year, along with a hallway on Halloween filled with students in costumes.

  3. Fundraising

    1. Each year, BPA raises money to help reduce the cost of our state and national conferences. Fundraisers vary from year, but have included Grotto Pizza, Gertrude Hawk Chocolate, Chipotle, Clothing Sales, Rudy’s, Water Bottles, Magnets, Car Washes, and Bake Sales.

      1. This year, BPA is going to have a “Baby-sitting Night” on December 16, where we will watch children so parents can go shopping for the holiday season.

      2. We will also be selling Gertrude Hawk Chocolate in February, for delivery before Easter.

    2. Leadership Conferences

      1. Fall Leadership Conference

        1. This is held in Delaware and allows a limited number of students from each school in Delaware to attend and participate in leadership and team-building activities.

      2. State Leadership Conference

        1. This has been held at Dover Downs the past four years and includes 600 students from schools in Delaware.

      3. National Leadership Conference

        1. The location varies each year. In 2016 it was in Boston and we took 11 students; in 2017, it is in Orlando and we hope to take even more!

        2. Future locations and dates include:






Orlando, FL

Dallas, TX

Anaheim, CA

Washington, DC

Orlando, FL

May 10-14

May 9-13

May 1-5

May 6-10

May 5-9

The high school BPA chapter has a strong connection with W.T. Chipman BPA, and our members often collaborate on different activities and events throughout the year, including SLC, Homecoming, road clean-ups, and Haunted Hallways.