Lake Forest Does It Again!!!!!

Schools of Continued Excellence:  Lake Forest East Elementary and Lake Forest North Elementary

Recognition Schools:  Lake Forest South Elementary and Lake Forest Central Elementary

Lake Forest schools honored by Delaware Department of Education for excellence and closing achievement gaps. “Lake Forest School District took home more honors than any other public school district, including Lake Forest Central Elementary School as a first-time honoree….To earn such recognition, schools must exhibit “exceptional performance” in academics and/or demonstrate its ability to close achievement gaps for students in various demographics including minorities, students with disabilities and those from low-income families.”  “…Our staff is committed to providing a learning environment that fosters student growth. We are fortunate to have staff that are willing to go above and beyond to help our students achieve. The Lake Forest School District is proud of our staff, students and parents for working together to achieve these titles,” Dr. Wynder said proudly. “We will continue to keep student success a priority. ‘It is great to be a Spartan.'”  To view the article in it’s entirety and see all the photos please click HERE.

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