Hello, Spartans! We had an awesome first week of the Spartan Summer Success Academy! We are so very proud of the hundreds of Spartans that took the time to log in to practice their reading skills or complete math lessons! If your child participated this week, be on the lookout for rewards coming to you in the mail!

Check out our new video on Week 1 Recap - https://youtu.be/j80p2o9dS5s

If you missed this week, it’s not too late. Please consider encouraging your child to log in to the Clever portal and participate. There is no sign-up necessary, just complete 2 hours of math lessons and 2 hours of reading lessons this week, we will take care of collecting the data, and students will be entered to win awesome prizes! Students in grades K-8 should be completing 2 hours this week of math practice in Dreambox and our high school students should be logging into Khan Academy through Clever to complete 2 hours of math assignments. Students in grades K-3 should log in to Clever and use the Lexia app to practice reading, and students in grades 4-12 should log in to Clever to access the brand new Sora application where they can choose a book from over 2,000 titles!

Don’t forget to check out the Lake Forest website at www.lf.k12.de.us and click on the Spartan Summer Success Academy at the top of the page to learn more and find important updates and frequently asked questions.