Human Resources


Welcome to the Lake Forest School District's Human Resources Department. Lake Forest School District serves approximately 3800 students located in southern Kent County, Delaware. Lake Forest staff are progressive and dedicated to the total education of all children. The community and elected Lake Forest Board of Education are firmly committed to a first-rate educational program serving the specific needs of the youth of the area.


If interested in applying for the Lake Forest School District, please view vacancies on the Join Delaware Schools website. The Lake Forest School District is recruiting teachers and staff who:

  • Promote the school as a means of elevating the standard of living in our communities

  • Motivate students

  • Organize content

  • Plan and promote differentiated instruction

  • Promotes structure in the classroom

  • Promote activities beyond the classroom and beyond

  • Serve as a coach, sponsor, and advisor

  • Work to expand knowledge of effective instructional techniques

  • Communicate effectively

  • Use effective measurement techniques to measure student achievement

  • Pride themselves as an employee of the District

Benefits as a LFSD Employee

The Lake Forest School District prides itself on the many benefits it offers to its employees. These benefits include the following:

  • Mentoring program

  • Instructional Resource Center

  • Teacher Contract Year (188 days)

  • Sick Leave Credit of One Day per Month

  • State of Delaware Benefits

  • State Term Life Insurance (contributory)

  • Social Security Coverage in Addition to State Pension

  • Blood Bank Membership

  • Tax-Deferred Savings Programs

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Personal/FMLA Leave

  • Short and Long Term Disability Programs

  • Liability Insurance Policy

  • Medical Insurance

  • Worker’s Compensation

  • Teaching and Military Experience Credits

  • EPER (Extra Pay for Extra Duty)

  • Pre-Tax Flexible Spending

  • Athletic/Cultural Event Passes

  • Recognition Program

Title IX

The Lake Forest School District Policies in regard to Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, and Sexual Harassment and Grievance Processes for Title IX can all be found HERE.

Title IX Inquiries & Complaints

Inquiries concerning potential discrimination on the basis of sex can be directed to the District’s Title IX Coordinators listed below or the Office of Civil Rights. The Title IX Coordinators' responsibilities are to coordinate the Lake Forest School District’s efforts to comply with and carry out the District’s responsibilities under Title IX, including any investigation of any complaint alleging noncompliance with Title IX or alleging actions which would be prohibited by Title IX.

Lake Forest School District's Title IX Coordinator:

Mr. Travis Moorman
Human Resources Director & Title IX Coordinator
Lake Forest School District
5423 Killens Pond Road
Felton, Delaware 19943
Phone: 302-284-3020
Click to E-mail

The Office of Civil Rights is located:

Office of Civil Rights, Philadelphia
U.S. Department of Education
The Wanamaker Building
100 Penn Square East, Suite 515
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 656-8541
Fax: (215) 656-8605
OCR Electronic Complaint Form:

Human Resource Forms

District forms can be found by clicking HERE.

Please click here to view the 2023 - 2026 Negotiated Agreement with MOU including pay scales.

Substitute Information

The Lake Forest School District is currently in partnership with Kelly Services, Inc. when in need of substitutes. Click HERE to view the flyer with more information. For questions in regard to applying for a substitute please contact Kelly Services at (302) 674-8087.


Mr. Travis Moorman, Human Resources Director

Mrs. Barbara Gorski, Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Heather Hernandez, Benefits Secretary


The Lake Forest School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.